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Designed For The Planet,

Perfected For Your Feet

KOBI by Crimagno is an exceptionally designed shoe. At its core, KOBI is truly sustainable by being stylish and gender-neutral. At Crimagno, we take shoes personally.

By combining our extensive knowledge in industrial design with eco-friendly materials and responsible production, KOBI is truly worth experiencing.


Refined In Every Way

No Shoebox For KOBI

With an innovative and attractive design, KOBI is sent to you in a 100% recycled, GRS-certified felt bag. Reflecting our solid commitment to embracing eco-sustainability in every aspect, the bag can be used for many different things instead of being thrown away right after taking your shoes out.

Offsetting Our
Carbon Footprint

Every Step Of The Way

We believe that we can make this planet greener, and we will do our part to make this happen.

That is why for every pair of KOBI sold, we will plant one tree.

That’s not all, soon we will have a program in place that allows you to return your old pair of Crimagno shoes to us in exchange for a discount on your next pair.

Benefits & Features

Award-winning, industrially-focused design

Natural and recycled materials

Built for longevity and durability

Environmentally friendly in every way

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