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KOBI is not a shoe but a real laboratory. The result of all our tests. A hybrid that overturns the classic canons of footwear. A fully sustainable high-end of a design & sport shoe for men and women, realized with smart and sustainable materials, to last longer thanks to both their quality and timeless design.

SOLE: We have split the sole into two parts in order to make the walking experience as similar as possible to that of walking bare feet, adding degrees of freedom to both the torsion and the bending of the foot.

SHANK: By borrowing the technology from the couches that have a wooden frame, we have replaced the typical metal shank with one made of recycled wood.

SHOE UPPER: The shoe upper is a real construction prodigy. It is modeled in a single piece with a single rear seam and a lower closure. It is an extrusion in bio-based (corn and apple) and solvent free TPU on certified cotton supports.

LINING: The lining is one of the components on wich we have realized most tests. The goal was to find a material that would guarantee breathability, thermoregulation and antibacterial properties. We tested all sorts of yarns, and in the end we went to loom with a composition of our own elaboration based on hemp, recycled polyester and silver.

ZIP: The tape of our zips is made with recycled polyester, and their production process is guaranteed by various enviromental certificates including the Greenpeace detox.

FUSSBETT: The fussbett is made in an innpovative, eco-sustainable polyurethane, produced by an internal recovering processing waste that allows the company that produces them to reduce the introduction of new material into the production cycle.

NON-SLIP COUNTER: It is made of non-woven fabrics produced using recycled polyester fibres (from post-consumer recycling of PET bottles).